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1. meeting at a prearranged time or place
a prearranged meeting place, especially an assembly point for troops or ships
2. vb
to meet or cause to meet at a specific time or place

The origins...

When asked to coach at Symposiums, rarely do coaches have the opportunity to work together with the other coaches. This is a missed opportunity for the exchange of ideas making all the coaches better and the community stronger. The participants reap the rewards by being an integral part of this exchange as the best coaches in North America and the world get together annually for this exchange.

The first Rendezvous is now 4 years ago, and the word is spreading. As of Aug 22, 2016, the waiting list is longer for coaches wanting to come work than for participants. The community continues to grow, and we look forward to meeting new folks, renewing old friendships, exchanging stories and having a great time once again bathed in the fall colors of Maine and a large spring tide guaranteed to deliver the perfect conditions challenging everyone's abilities.

Students are grouped together in small groups based on their self-assessment and coaches experience. Rather than have sceduled courses, each group will be exposed to the appropriate environment to challenge their skills while maximizing learning. Environments will be determined each day based on conditions but will include surf, current and rocks.


John Carmody

Po Box 657

Boothbay, ME 04537

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